Saturday, February 24, 2018

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Regular Maintenance

"A regular schedule of maintenance goes a long way to preserving the integrity and value of your investment. “

You will always come home to a sparkling clean pool that is swim ready while J&M Pool Service is maintaining your pool.  Our trained and certified maintenance professionals will keep your pool in peek condition at an affordable price.




Why J&M Pool Services?

You will never have to store those unsightly and harsh pool chemicals at your home.  Let us take care of it for you!

All Pool Chemicals are provided by J&M: 

Ph Adjuster


Ask how you can get 2 weeks Free!

Residential Maintenance

We are dedicated to making sure your pool is always beautiful and in perfect swim condition.  Not only will your maintenance include weekly visits but also important tips on how you can help to keep your pool picturesque.  We will provide preventative tips for you on how to avoid algae blooms, chemistry imbalances, equipment problems, and other costly repairs while we are not on site.  We will always leave a service slip after a visit, so you stay informed on the services that we have provided.  Though our visits are weekly, we are available to answer your questions or concerns by phone and email. Our regular maintenance customers will also take precedence for emergencies, equipment replacement, and consultation inquiries.